Monster Motorsports is Alive!

Today is the day that everything begins for Monster Motorsports. The website is not open yet but we are working hard to set up the structure of the website. Today we have managed to get the store foundation set up with only test products added. Over the next week we are going to try and push forward with getting a logo designed and also more of the website structure developed. The plan is to have structure of the site completed within two weeks, the following two weeks we are going to work on getting the functionality working such as accounts, emails, payments, and vendors. Once we have this set stage completed we plan on adding the products from the vendors to better serve the motorcycle community. There is a lot of work to be done but our passion is clear provide as much value for the motorcycle community through quality parts, covering events, and helping you live your life on two wheels! Please feel free to comment what we can do to help the motorcycle community better in the comment section below.


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