Castle Rock Short Track – July 1, 2017

Last night we attended the Castle Rock short track. We managed to take some great pictures and also videos. This was a great experience to test out shooting live video for social media on some awesome racing. Being the first of many races to come that we will be attending we focused on learning about photos/videos and shooting live broadcasts. Aside from watching some awesome races we did learn a lot about what we are working with. In the future we will work on posting more information about the races such as finishing positions and highlights. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below as we appreciate your feedback. A couple of the things we are working to improve are listed below:


  • We found that live videos upload at a lower resolution
  • Separate the live video from the recap video at the end
  • Bring the GoPro for more videos


  • Which do you prefer, live or recap videos?

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