We Have Parts!

Today is a good day! We were approved by our wholesaler to start selling parts. As we continue to build branches to support the motorcycle community we felt parts sales is a necessity. Currently we have only added a few parts because we are learning how our systems work for the store. With each product added we learn something new about the system. As of right now the store is live and you can feel free to buy parts that are listed. If you do not see a part that you would like to purchase most likely we have it available but have not added it to the store yet. Just send us a link in the contact us page and we will be sure to add the part and email you back our page where you can buy it. As far as price matching goes we have a few major parts retailers that we are checking and from what we have seen, we are either matching or beating their prices on everything we have added so far. If we are not beating the prices you find please let us know on the contact us page and we will see if we can match the price you have found. As we are new to the sales of parts we are currently focused on two things; making a small profit, and creating the best customer experience you can have on the web. As we have urged before if you have any suggestions that we can do to make the site better feel free to comment and tell us how to make this the best place to buy parts / talk motorcycles / and find out where to ride!

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